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Prisons are Not Racist

Prisons are Not Racist

Earlier this week, the Maryland General Assembly’s Legislative Black Caucus implied that Governor Larry Hogan was racist for funding the legislature approved..
The Last Gaffe

The Last Gaffe

We at Red Maryland have been documenting the problems with the Charles Lollar campaign pretty much from the get go...

Adventures in Polling

David Lublin provides us some content from the once-formidable Maryland Politics Watch in the fact that Vinny DeMarco’s folks over..
Leave Us Alone!

Leave Us Alone!

Apparently one of the most pressing issues for some Democrats in the Maryland General Assembly is to find a way..

The O’Malley Insult

I understand that Martin O’Malley is a panderer. Everybody knows that. I understand that Martin O’Malley wants to make sure..

I Want a Name

To follow on to Greg’s comments about causes for concern as it relates to the lack of a candidate for..

O’Malley in Microcosm

The MARC Train Ride from Hell is starting to become a perfect microcosm of the failures of the O’Malley Administration...

Lawless Doubles-Down

So I get a Facebook message this morning from Benjamin Lawless, who took not kindly to me calling him a..

Don’t Be a Dumbass

When you are running against an incumbent Democratic State Senator your life is tough…..but when you claim to have been..