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Corner Kicked

Looks like Prince George’s County leaders are more realistic about the D.C. United stadium situation than the administration: Some state..

Time for a Red Card

Apparently the O’Malley folks still don’t realize the state has money problems: With negotiations to build a stadium for D.C...

Breaking news from 2004….

Gee, somebody should do something about this: Although the state has plenty of doctors, it doesn’t have enough who actually..

Do as I say….

….not as the Majority Leader does: House Majority Leader Kumar P. Barve, who has supported stricter drunken-driving laws, was charged..


We know when the General Assembly is going back to work: Gov. Martin O’Malley today formally called a General Assembly..

The Dope Show

I’m hesitant to even give Free State Politics more traffic then they deserve, but since Andrew Kujan has to be..


You have to love Governor O’Malley’s hubris: The GOP tactic of opposing a special session produces conflict when lawmakers should..

Straight Tax Talk

Capital columnist Eric Hartley talks straight about the Governor’s tax plan today: “The vast majority of Maryland families will be..

Owing Favors

Former Clinton Apparatchik Lanny Davis must owe someone in the O’Malley Administration a favor for his gushing genuflection over O’Malley’s..

Don’t Believe the Hype

Free State Politics is firing up the hype machine and harping the MSTA talking points in favor of throwing more..

One Missing

The Sun’s Andrew Green had a Cliff Notes version of the deficit problem in today’s paper. Which also includes this..

Piled High and Deep

Tom Schaller proved once again in this morning’s Sun that just because you have a PhD in Political Science doesn’t..

And out come the wolves…

Grab on to your wallet, because here comes Team O’Malley to stick it to everybody: Now Gov. Martin O’Malley’s administration..