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Oh well, Dan Rodricks

“This effin’ country and its effin’ guns.” That was one of Baltimore Sun columnist, and WYPR radio host Dan Rodricks’..

Dan Rodricks Needs a Time Out

Brian Griffiths usually has the duty of piercing the inflated progressive pieties slapped together in a Dan Rodricks’s column. Still,..

Bombastic Pomposity

We all know and accept that Dan Rodricks cannot put a logical argument together if he saved his life. But..

Misplaced Priorities

I know it sounds like a broken record, but I can never be amazed how much Dan Rodricks can misplace..

Quote du Jour

“Rodricks is a whiny pinko idiot.”– Kenny Burns on the Sun columnist before our Word on the Street show this..

Sure, why the hell not

Apparently, Dan Rodricks’ obsession with building a new arena on taxpayer dollars is growing to other projects, too: Chris Stoner,..

Go Green by Saving Green

Resident arena apologist Dan Rodricks couldn’t go three days without talking about the new arena, with yesterdays column adding new..

The Tool and his Arena

Baltimore’s favorite toolbox Dan Rodricks once again pipes in with his tired argument about how important it is to build..

Setting the Bar Lower

Somebody call Dan Rodricks because his dream might come true. But probably not for the reasons he thought it would..

Rodricks Drafting Again

It’s been a while, but Dan Rodricks has once again pulled out his call for a return to involuntary servitude...