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Not that we all couldn’t see it coming…. Of course, we already know that Governor O’Malley opposes the death penalty,..

New tricks not working

Obviously transit riders still aren’t feeling all that great about safety conditions on MTA facilities: Some bus riders in Baltimore..

Nothing can help the MTA

This is well meaning, but…… A measure calling for tougher penalties for people who assault fellow passengers on public transit..

Broken Record

I said before that the MTA’s plan to reduce violence would not be effective, and it’s certainly turning out to..


Many of the news reports about what will happen in the General Assembly this year include the need to deal..

Well….no kidding

Doesn’t really require a PhD to figure out this was going to happen, either (H/T Instapundit): Following the 1996 Dunblane..

Right Twice A Day

I’m not a big fan of the Baltimore Police Department. It’s shameless incompetence and haplessness in the face of a..