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Forgiveness not Permission

Forgiveness not Permission

According to the indispensable O’Malley Watch, that has become the strategy of Governor O’Malley’s administration when it wants to do..

The Gelding Makes a Threat

O’Malley Watch mentioned last week that the strong arm was being put on Democrats who were seen as being unreliable..

The New Kleptocrats

I suppose this is news. Governor O’Malley is trying to stuff every nook and cranny in the state government with..

Slowly Shakes His Head

At the risk of getting Andrew Kujan’s panties all twisted up I have to comment on another untoward going on..

Spiro Agnew II

One can’t even begin to explain it. A land deal. A developer. A non-profit that isn’t much more than a..

More Self-Dealing

I am conflicted about this post. On the one hand the marxists in the Department of Natural Resources who seem..
Bromwell takes a deal

Bromwell takes a deal

(Crossposted) Official Annapolis just clenched a little… Former state Sen. Thomas L. Bromwell Sr., the ex-tavern owner who became one..

The BRAC Kerfuffle

Upfront let me say that what the Lieutenant Governor is doing with the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) action around..