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The Broadside, Tonight 7pm

We’re starting the new year off with a bang. National Review Online Editor-at-Large, Kathryn Jean Lopez joins Mark and Andrew..

Banging Spoons

So former leaders of the Maryland Democratic Party are pointing their fingers all tsk-tsk at Republicans over Paul Shurick’s robo..

A Plague Upon Our Legislature

Yesterday, a federal jury acquitted State Senator Ulysses Currie of corruption charges. Currie was accused of taking $250 million from..

Politician Heal Thyself

How noble of Delegate Justin Ross (D-Prince George’s) to sponsor an ethics bill targeted at closing a campaign finance loophole..

Oh Well, Steny Hoyer

Gotta love how Steny Hoyer handles ethics scandals in the Democrats alleged “most ethical congress ever.” “I didn’t use that..


…..let’s take a look at the last two people in political circles who have employed Judd Legum. One was Secretary..