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Still Past Due

One of my earliest posts on my blog was about the need to repeal the tax on military pensions. Unfortunately,..

Render unto Caesar…

Church leaders press for an equitable BRAC reads the headline. Elected officials will be asked to subscribe to a set..

More BRACtion

Place this in the “I told you so” file: No state funding is available to build road, bus and parking..


We’ve been covering BRACtion (to borrow a phrase coined by an advisor to Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon) for a while...

A BRACtion Wakeup Call

In this episode the combo cash cow and golden goose of BRAC becomes a resource hog. From the Baltimore Sun:..

More BRACtion News

We’ve chronicled the rather pathetic wish-upon-a-star nature of the ongoing Base Realignment and Closing (BRAC) action (I suppose we really..

BRACtion Baloney

I called bullhockey on the whole BRAC porkfest some time ago. Historically, communities have gained nowhere near the projections and..

BRACtion Nonsense

I’ve said on several occasions (like here and here) that the Dixon administration’s focus on BRAC is simply misguided if..
BRACtion Shock

BRACtion Shock

The Baltimore Sun reports that Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown is encouraging those jurisdictions seeking to belly up to the BRAC..
Pigs to the Trough

Pigs to the Trough

From the Baltimore Sun: Looking to attract a share of the defense workers expected to stream into Maryland in the..

Baltimore Dreamin’

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon is trying to jump on the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) gravy train. Mayor Sheila Dixon..

The BRAC Kerfuffle

Upfront let me say that what the Lieutenant Governor is doing with the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) action around..