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Poll Schmoll

A smart reader emailed me an analysis of the recent Washington Post Poll showing Martin O’Malley with an 11-point “lead”..


From Todd Eberly, professor of political science at St. Mary’s College of Maryland writing at Maryland Reporter. On a night..
Money Can’t Buy Competence

Money Can’t Buy Competence

It’s amazing that for all the corporate/lobbyist, and big tobacco money funding the Maryland Democratic Party they can’t hire competent..

Unite or Die

The primary election season is now over. And now we move on to what is next. As everbody expected Bob..

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

The O’Malley administration removed a Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation report that contradicted O’Malley’s rosy jobs claims from the..

Desperate Dems

Clearly Martin O’Malley and the Maryland Democratic Party have moved from fear to desperation. They spent millions of dollars spinning..

Palin’s Lump of Coale

One interesting and important fact not mentioned so far about Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Brian Murphy: Top Palin advisor John..
Ehrlich at Tawes

Ehrlich at Tawes

Bob Ehrlich talks about the campaign and why Maryland pols come to sweat in Crisfield heat.
Taking Action

Taking Action

Since Martin O’Malley seems to be hellbent on brushing aside the continued MARC train issues to the point that one..

O’Malley in More Trouble

The latest Rasmussen Poll has Governor Ehrlich and Martin O’Malley deadlocked at 45 a piece among likely voters…..but that’s not..

Bob Ehrlich for Governor

Since Red Maryland’s founding in 2007, the writers and editors here have been extremely critical of the direction of policy..

Ehrlich vs. Murphy

Bob Ehrlich’s entrance into the gubernatorial race has Martin O’Malley and Maryland Democrats nervous about November. Ehrlich however, will have..