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It’s Over…..for now

Well, the Anne Arundel County School Board Nominating Commission process is mercifully over for this year: For the new District..

Maxwell Can’t Fool Everybody

It looks like Kevin Maxwell’s campaign for more school money clearly isn’t fooling everybody. First, Eric Hartley in yesterday’s Capital:..

More SBNC Shenanigans

The School Board Nominating Commission process is so screwed up that they are now changing the rules as they go:..

Maxwell still doesn’t get it

Anne Arundel County School Superintendent Kevin Maxwell still doesn’t understand that you can’t just spend your way to better schools:..

Stupid Educrat Tricks

This was from the Capital today, and it ties into a lot of problems with Anne Arundel County schools: As..

Furthering the Sham

To continue to show how much of a sham the new Anne Arundel County School Board nominating scheme is, take..

The Testing Dilemma

Gregory Kane writes today on the dilemma facing state school superintendent Nancy Grasmick over testing. Grasmick’s taking heat for proposing..
A Failing Grade

A Failing Grade

Governor O’Malley says Maryland Schools Superintendant Nancy S. Grasmick needs to hit the road. Mr. O’Malley said he would like..