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Red Maryland Radio Tonight

Red Maryland Radio Tonight

It’s an all new edition of Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8 PM on the Red Maryland Network. On tonight’s show: We’ll..
Coming this Sunday….

Coming this Sunday….

This Sunday night on this week’s episode of The Air Raid with Brian Griffiths, I will be expounding upon the..

Farewell Adam Pagnucco

Adam Pagnucco of Maryland Politics Watch is stepping down for “the forseeable future” to devote time to his family and..

Seeing the Light?

You will never guess who wrote this lament: So the resulting energy tax hike is both large and narrowly targeted:..

Go West

Paul West of the Sun took a not-so-thinly veiled shot at me for my reporting of the Barbara Mikulski rumor..

Meaningless Numbers

The left has decided to examine Governor Ehrlich’s chances of unseating Martin O’Malley next year, and Adam Pagnucco decided to..

Maybe they get it?

I was surprised to read this: On every other measure, Fairfax residents and businesses pay lower taxes than their counterparts..


If you haven’t noticed, a new an essentially anonymous blog called Maryland Politics Blog has been peddling a story about..

Do as I say, not as I do

The “Progressive” blogosphere is all a flutter about the fact that ThinkProgress founder and former Hillary Clinton research director Judd..

At it Again

Well, Judd Legum is at it again, and he’s getting this lying thing down pretty pat, because he got caught..

I Get Letters….

Judd Legum springs to Judd Legum’s defense by email: Dear Brian: Thanks for your interest in my blog. I just..


Perjurer-at-large Joe Albero blinked today: A Delmar, Del. man best known for his Web blog and ongoing disputes with Salisbury..

Not Quite

Adam Pagnucco has accused me of “lacking consistency” when it comes to the fact that Governor Palin is more qualified..