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The Battle Continues

The saga over the Obama Worship in Howard County continues to percolate, with WUSA TV-9 doing a story on it..

Talking Bollocks

Jeff Quinton has one of the more amazingly deluded “clarifications” I have ever read in my life, this one coming..

Hope and Change Pain

It is obvious to everybody that President Obama’s handling of the economy leaves much to be desired. With monetary giveaways..

What’s our Plan?

You wouldn’t necessarily expect the CEO of Whole Foods, possibly the official store of the crunchy granola left, would come..
Stay Classy Obamaphiles

Stay Classy Obamaphiles

UPDATE: Video of the SEIU thugs in St. Louis. Obama’s Thugocracy Strikes Back… At a townhall last night in St...
Obama’s Own Teabagger

Obama’s Own Teabagger

One thing the Huffington Post and ABC News neglected to mention in their fawning profile of Obama’s body man, and..
Memo to Judd Legum

Memo to Judd Legum

All of those people you say allegedly support the President’s economic policies…..yeah, where are they again? As short-term optimism about..

I Get Letters….

Judd Legum springs to Judd Legum’s defense by email: Dear Brian: Thanks for your interest in my blog. I just..