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Get Real

Mark Newgent touched on this earlier, but while we’re on the subject of violating the public trust, who is surprised..

The Imagination Runs Wild…

The Sun: Anthony W. McCarthy, a top aide and spokesman in Mayor Sheila Dixon’s administration, is being investigated by Baltimore..

On Decriminalizing Drugs

From the Examiner Baltimore City Councilman Jack Young is taking his war against the “war on drugs” one step farther...

Sheila Dixon Wins

Okay, this is not a big surprise. According to the most recent returns she beat Keiffer Mitchell and the rest..

The Scream Team

Here’s a picture from today’s Sun that only those who accept failure and disappointment could love…. Left to right that’s..

Rewarding Failure

Consider me less than surprised that the Sun endorsed Sheila Dixon this morning. Which includes this curious paragraph: Among her..

Slowly Shakes His Head

At the risk of getting Andrew Kujan’s panties all twisted up I have to comment on another untoward going on..
Misguided Protest

Misguided Protest

And they wonder why we don’t take them seriously. “Them”, of course, being the very, very, very earnest and self-righteous..

Blue Smoke and Mirrors

I appreciate political fantasy as much as the next guy but is appears that Keiffer Mitchell, the white candidate in..

Oooooh. Classy.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the “white candidate” in Baltimore’s mayoral primary is talking tough: Taking his most negative approach..

On Employing Felons

For some reason the hiring of felons has become an issue in the Baltimore mayoral race. In an act of..

Right Twice A Day

I’m not a big fan of the Baltimore Police Department. It’s shameless incompetence and haplessness in the face of a..

Deny, Divert, and Deceive

If one ever wondered why it is impossible to engage the left in anything approaching intelligent discussion one has to..