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Ass Kissing to the Extreme

I would be embarrassed to write something that was so genuflective of any individual. But, it’s just standard operating procedure..


Wow, the folks at the Sun are really perceptive: Marylanders will feel a pinch in their pocketbooks every time they..

Stupid, Stupid Questions

Usually, the “Speak Out!” feature in the Arundel section of the Sun deals with somewhat reasonable questions about public policy...

Out There

The Sun really cracked me up this morning with their editorial on the budget situation. Particularly since the editorial was..

The Gay Marriage Pander

For someone who has been in politics as long as Martin O’Malley one would think that he’d have developed some..

Go Team! Go Team!

We’re all pretty used to the Baltimore Sun cheerleading for Democrats on their news as well as editorial pages. This..