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Red Maryland Radio: 5/30/2013

Another big episode of Red Maryland Radio  came at you tonight on the Red Maryland Network. Listen to internet radio with redmaryland..

Red Maryland Radio Tonight

Join Greg Kline and I on this week’s episode of Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8 . On tonight’s show: Greg and I..

Five Years and No Fix

This year marks five years of the Anne Arundel County School Board Nominating Commission, something that we have covered at..

Driving the Point Home

My guest column regarding an elected school board in Saturday’s Gazette was not necessarily based on this topic, but the..

Talking School Board

Be sure to check out my column from today’s Maryland Gazette discussing the need for an elected school board here..

A Well Articulated Position

I missed this yesterday by Eric Hartley, very nicely articulating the anti-incumbent position regarding the Anne Arundel County School Board..

Welcome to Our World

Looks like Harford County is suffering under the same Board of Education shenanigans we have been subjected to here in..

Puff Piece

The Sun today ran a pretty irritating puff piece about the new members to the Anne Arundel County Board of..

Meet Sam Georgiou

Meet Sam Georgiou. Pharmacy Manager. Long-time resident of Anne Arundel County. Involved in more Civic and Community Groups that you..