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Power at Any Cost

We’ve got ourselves another drama in the Anne Arundel County Delegation of the House of Delegates, where Speaker Mike Busch..

Why Not Don?

One of the more under the radar issues here in Anne Arundel County is which party will be in control..

Letters to the Beyond

Sometimes I get letters. Sometimes Derek Fink sends them to Republican voters in Council District 3. And this one is..

Of Course He Does

I’m not going to wax too poetic about the fact that Anne Arundel School Superintendent Kevin Maxwell wants more money..

Where there is Smoke….

If you remember the Derek Fink story from earlier this month, you can conclusively say that there is trouble in..

The Perils of Choosing One

Life’s tough when you’re the chosen one in a local election. Take, for example, Derek Fink a Republican candidate for..

Screwing the Pooch

The Anne Arundel County Council approved the zoning change that will allow slot machines at Arundel Mills Mall tonight. This..

Choosing a Carpetbagger

Anne Arundel County Democrats must be real hard-up for candidates if this is being taken seriously: An Annapolis-area Democrat and..

It’s Johnson

Tricia Johnson gets the vacancy on the Anne Arundel County Council. Fantastic. A Liberal Republican. Just what we needed. Good..

Next Job Up

So, County Councilman Josh Cohen is running for Mayor of Annapolis. Cohen though seems to have a pretty disturbing trend..

A Slap in the Face

This feels like one giant smack coming from the Anne Arundel County Board of Education: The Anne Arundel County school..

Down the Drain

As we know, Anne Arundel County School Superintendent Kevin Maxwell likes to whine how the school system doesn’t have enough..

I Get Letters

I’m not going to spend too much time talking about the John Leopold piece in today’s Capital because it really..


Fortunately, John Leopold was told to take his tax hike and shove it: Anne Arundel County Council members yesterday scrapped..

John the Destroyer

Tax-hiker John Leopold looks like he wants to be at it again, with the proposed hotel tax sparking well-deserved outcry:..

Maxwell Can’t Fool Everybody

It looks like Kevin Maxwell’s campaign for more school money clearly isn’t fooling everybody. First, Eric Hartley in yesterday’s Capital:..

Another Day, More Reasons

One of the best reasons for an elected school board in Anne Arundel County are encapsulated in this article regarding..

Leopold does something rare

Wow, for once John Leopold actually told the truth: Years before he became Anne Arundel County’s chief executive, John R...

Don’t lose the point

Let’s start off this story by pointing out that Brenda Reiber made a really stupid decision by saying that information..

Leopold’s Deep Impact

This story about the impact fees in Anne Arundel County is not going to go away anytime soon. There is..