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Cronyism In Annapolis Government

Most political administrations are criticized on some level for giving political jobs or directing lucrative contracts. The O’Malley administration famously..

Is Annapolis Bankrupt?

The answer of course is yes, believing the words of the Mayor. If, however, your are of the ‘actions speak..

Sister Cities

Annapolis, for those of you who choose not to live in the city that allows the state maximum of a..

Inter-County Rail Transporation

Julie Stankivic, the Honorable Alderwoman from Annapolis’ 7th Ward, enjoyed publication of a letter to the editor about transporation: Crossposted..

Just Asking…

…but don’t you think Annapolis Alderman Sam Shropshire is spending too much time focusing on eliminating plastic bags if he..

Takoma Park vs. Annapolis

(Crossposted at Annapolis Politics) A recent post on this site chronicled a resolution by the town of Takoma Park, MD,..