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As the Senate GOP Caucus notes, we had a chance to shut down debate on the Death Penalty today: After..

Advice Not Heeded

“Everybody needs to get prepared. Because anybody who thinks that Frank Kratovil is going to be a pushover in the..

Cut Bait NOW

I was always kinda confused as to why Andy Harris would hitch his wagon to factually challenged third-rate Delaware blogger..

BREAKING: John Flynn out?

GOP Insiders are telling me that Maryland State GOP Executive Director John Flynn has resigned from his post to take..

The Gilchrest Pout

No, this is not the new dance craze inspired by Britney Spears. This is the response by a United States..

Don’t Get Cocky

If I can give any one piece of advice to Republicans and the Harris campaign right now it’s this: Don’t..

Duh moments of the Day

Jimmy Braswell has a few notes this from Primary Day today: Note #1: Senator Pipkin went to session today…Harris DID..

Where’s Andy?

So….where was Andy Harris last night? He certainly didn’t bother to show up for work in the State Senate. Sources..
The Un-Endorsement

The Un-Endorsement

Remember how I said that I would not endorse a candidate for Congress in the 1st Congressional District? Well, I’m..