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Remember This

“I said, you know they are riding high right now but what’s going to happen is we’re going to come..

WaPo sees the future

If you read the Washington Post this morning, you’d have thought that the 2010 Gubernatorial Election is over and that..

Keep the Faith

Adam Pagnucco makes some very interesting comments regarding Marylanders and their taxes in light of the support for the Ficker..

Friendly Fire

No matter how liberal Martin O’Malley is, he is never liberal enough for some people. Adam Pagnucco made a note..

Too Smart by Half

Eric Luedtke trots out a theory that Mike Miller is in all actuality going to retire, he’s just not telling..
When Lightning Strikes…

When Lightning Strikes…

Summer came early this year. We seemed to have skipped spring. Over the past several days, the temperature has consistently..

Denials, Ego, Mistruths

The Sun documents more absurdity in the life and times of John Leopold…. In one story, Leopold goes out of..

The Canary in the Coal Mine

You know that Maryland’s Democratic leadership has made some poor choices on taxes and spending when one of their own..

Read between the lines

Folks, it’s right and front of you, and it’s the reason Mr. Unimpeachable John Leopold once again violated his favorite..

Misusing the Office

We have gone over before the duties and responsibilities of the Office of the Comptroller and Peter Franchot’s inability to..

The Beginning?

Comptroller Peter Franchot unleashed this criticism of the O’Malley tax plan this week: State Comptroller Peter Franchot criticized government leaders..

We’re not this lucky

David Kyle has this: It seems that Governor O’Malley had at Party caucus lunch today and announced to them all..