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More Shenanigans?

These reports are unconfirmed, but we’re hearing that State Highway Administration crews were removing 4×8 campaign signs for Ehrlich-Kane and..

Poll Schmoll

A smart reader emailed me an analysis of the recent Washington Post Poll showing Martin O’Malley with an 11-point “lead”..

More Questions Than Answers

The Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation–through the Attorney General’s office– responded to my Public Information Act request regarding the..
Graph of the Day

Graph of the Day

If Martin O’Malley wants to talk about jobs….let’s talk about jobs. Our friends at NetRightDaily give this about Maryland’s employment..


From Todd Eberly, professor of political science at St. Mary’s College of Maryland writing at Maryland Reporter. On a night..

Where is the July Jobs Report?

The Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation’s August jobs report shows the state’s unemployment rate rose to 7.3%. However do..

To Make Benefit Glorious Leader

You’ve probably heard by now that Maryland Public Television has gone public with it’s grievances against the O’Malley Campaign is..

Eight for Ten

Just wanted to take a second to point out that eight of the ten Red Maryland endorsed candidates were successful..

Unite or Die

The primary election season is now over. And now we move on to what is next. As everbody expected Bob..

Senators in Space

I just watched MPT’s State Circle from Friday night and I think State Senator Verna Jones needs to come back..

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

The O’Malley administration removed a Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation report that contradicted O’Malley’s rosy jobs claims from the..