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Nuance is not Leadership

Judd Legum sure does love to tell tall tales about his fundraising prowess. Legum has repeatedly stated that he is..

Eight for Ten

Just wanted to take a second to point out that eight of the ten Red Maryland endorsed candidates were successful..

Unite or Die

The primary election season is now over. And now we move on to what is next. As everbody expected Bob..
Hershey Catches Sossi Napping

Hershey Catches Sossi Napping

I admit I’ve enjoyed following the slugfest in the District 39 Democratic Senate primary race in Montgomery County. It brought..

Senators in Space

I just watched MPT’s State Circle from Friday night and I think State Senator Verna Jones needs to come back..

We Get Letters

This is a first; a candidate has taken the time to write Red Maryland regarding our endorsement of another candidate..

Reilly Blurs the Line

Senator Ed Reilly’s new mailer really blurs the line between fact and fiction:Reilly Mailing Rec’d 20100821 This is one of..

Judd Legum Smacked Down

Judd Legum has been running around spinning a yarn implying that Delegate Ron George bought his seat in the House..

Legum’s Well Runs Dry

Judd Legum raised tens of thousands of dollars from out of state interests….but apparently he is having trouble raising $5,000..
Judd Legum Hugs Thugs

Judd Legum Hugs Thugs

Our favorite bought and paid for Washington insider “Progressive Democrat” Judd Legum was as proud as a peacock today: Proud..

In case you mised it…

….Anne Arundel County’s Mark Hyman reiterated a number of my arguments about Judd Legum and his connection to the far-left..

Don’t Be a Dumbass

When you are running against an incumbent Democratic State Senator your life is tough…..but when you claim to have been..