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Cognitive Dissonance

Capital Punishment goes after The Capital over their publication of a list of county employees who make over $100K (usually..

Takoma Park vs. Annapolis

(Crossposted at Annapolis Politics) A recent post on this site chronicled a resolution by the town of Takoma Park, MD,..

What’s the Downside?

(Crossposted) Is this supposed to be a bad thing? Maryland House Speaker Michael Busch says lawmakers may cut 1,000 state..

Takoma Park Votes

Takoma Park. The very mention of the place brings guffaws. It is probably the most self-consciously serious joke in the..

A Correct Move on DNA Testing

In one of the few bright spots in the long, cold night of the O’Malley administration the governor announced yesterday..

Hoodoo Economics

Governor O’Malley, in his effort to lay the predicate for a whopping raid on taxpayers’s wallets, has begun touting the..

First Stone, etc.

I’m a Roman Catholic and about as conscious of my failings as a person can be. But anything can be..

A One Time Answer

My co-blogger Brian Griffiths notes below a rather silly comment that has appeared on Free State Politics. Interesting also, is..

Hat Tip to O’Malley Watch

Martin Watcher was kind enough to link to one of our stories yesterday. The wild overselling of the move of..

More Self-Dealing

I am conflicted about this post. On the one hand the marxists in the Department of Natural Resources who seem..

Projecting their own image

Well, here is one of the more inane things I have read recently: Interesting also, is the inclusion on the..

Fighting Crime through stupidity

(Crossposted) This is asinine: Baltimore could become the first big city to publicize names, photographs and home addresses of people..

The Shame of Wayne Gilchrest

Opposition to abortion has been part of the national platform of the Republican Party since 1980 and rightfully so. Abortion..