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The Ocean City Boondoggle

O’Malley Watch has a priceless review of the Maryland Association of Counties boondoggle over the weekend in Ocean City. Imagine..

The Forgotten Man

I am on vacation with the family this week in the Outer Banks, for beach reading I brought Amity Shlaes,..

Oooooh. Classy.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the “white candidate” in Baltimore’s mayoral primary is talking tough: Taking his most negative approach..

Wanted: The Truth

This email comes from Mike Collins. It is, I suppose, somewhat of an encore to the events that have been..

On Blowing One’s Own Horn

When I commanded a light infantry company my boss, a lieutenant colonel from Auburn, AL, had a unique philosophy on..

Hold On To Your Wallets

Yesterday at the Maryland Association of Counties PorkFest in Ocean City we began to see the outlines of what Governor..

A Little Common Sense

Common sense is a great resource and Comptroller Peter Franchot may very well have a monopoly on that commodity in..

A Suprising Pledge

David Lublin at Maryland Politics Watch wonders why Democrat Senator George Della has joined what Lublin a “Republican lemming”, as..

He Is?

Stateline has a, well, interesting take on Governor O’Malley’s current situation: Gov. Martin O’Malley signed the nation’s first statewide “living..

A Falling Out Amongst Thieves

A couple of weeks we commented on Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown’s Rodney King approach to the ongoing melee at the..

Saddling up the petard

If Schadenfreude is a sin then I’m probably condemned to Gahenna. Over my morning coffee, some of which I lost..

All Quiet

No new developments on the Central Committee front the last 24 hours. Nothing new at all, which is interesting given..