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GOP Bylaw Amendments: The Email

As I noted yesterday, Mike Collins sent out and extensive, detailed email late Monday night detailing the situation regarding some..

This week in transit failure…

Once again, why I can’t stand American public transportation: Smoke poured into Metro subway tunnels again last night, a day..

Wayne Gilchrest Airbrushes History

Michael Swartz writing at Monoblogue describes the recent meeting of the Wicomico County Republican Committee and a cameo appearance by..

Dog Bites Man

The collapse of the I-35 bridge over the Mississippi in early August set off the predictable calls for more money..

A Bad Rap

The Nuclear Option didn’t work. Circuit Court Clerk Frank Conaway’s self-produced rap ad left him mired in low single digits..

Spiro Agnew II

One can’t even begin to explain it. A land deal. A developer. A non-profit that isn’t much more than a..

Once and Future Chief, or so we hope

From the Baltimore Sun: The Baltimore Police Department’s acting commissioner and the former chief of Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department have..

Here Comes Fred!

Mark your calendars for next Tuesday, as well as Thursday, September 27th: Sources tell numerous outlets that Thompson will announce..

You mean, we can cut from this?

Good news. The liberal blogosphere has discovered the concept of budget cutting. I don’t necessarily agree with Lublin’s premise that..

FSP plays the race card again

This is getting old. This time it’s Isaac Smith: I’ll just add that Del. Patrick McDonough’s plan to have, in..

New Police Union Organized

When the Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police suspended Lieutenant Frederick Roussey as its president it thought it had heard the..


If one thing separates conservatives from liberals it is their view of America. While conservatives are often accused of wearing..