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Meeting Expectations

As I expected, Kujan misses my point completely: Yes, yes they do. I never claimed they didn’t. I claimed that..

The Free Lunch Budget

David Lublin at Maryland Politics Watch posts a letter from fourteen “progressive” (i.e. far left) state senators to Governor O’Malley..

Slowly Shakes His Head

At the risk of getting Andrew Kujan’s panties all twisted up I have to comment on another untoward going on..

Who Funds Who?

You may remember one of our favorite progressives, Andrew Kujan, cast a nonsensical aspersion towards our “insane brand of conservatism”..

Actually, Tom, we don’t

Maryland liberal leaders are in a tizzy trying to figure out what to do to save state homeowners, now facing..


It’s that time again. My car is due for it’s semi annual emissions inspection. Personally, I wish people would see..

Don’t Know Much About History

Crossposted FSP’s eminent historian Issac Smith took umbrage with my post last week concerning the Left’s ostrich act concerning the..

GOP Bylaw Amendments: The Bizarre

Debbie Belcher’s Purpose of….well, I’m not really sure: Debbie’s concerns about the Oath of Office and multiple voting are accurate...

GOP Bylaw Amendments: The Bad

We addressed the (generally) good portions of the bylaw proposals in our previous post. However, there are some issues of..