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Submerging History

Crossposted Anyone who knows the slightest bit of history knows that Carroll County is home to Whitaker Chambers’ farm, where..

Annapolis Crime

As an Annapolis resident who has paid attention to the recent crime debate, I would like to supplement the post..

Playing Chicken

After being lectured by the left on how much it sucks to work at the stadiums and not try to..

Just Asking…

…but don’t you think Annapolis Alderman Sam Shropshire is spending too much time focusing on eliminating plastic bags if he..

One Missing

The Sun’s Andrew Green had a Cliff Notes version of the deficit problem in today’s paper. Which also includes this..

Rewarding Failure

Consider me less than surprised that the Sun endorsed Sheila Dixon this morning. Which includes this curious paragraph: Among her..

The Chief Ramsey Bandwagon

P. Kenneth Burns at Maryland Politics Today is joining us in climbing aboard the bandwagon supporting former DC Police Chief..

Budgeting Made Easy

Despite the Marxist tendencies of a handful of “progressive” state senators, the light is beginning to dawn over even the..

Stadium Worker Economics

Many of my friends here at Maryland Politics have posted/counter-posted in reference to assertions made by Andrew Kujan. The most..

Velvet Rope Revolution

This is not surprising: Someday soon, visitors to the Arundel Center will be guided by movie-theater style ropes to the..