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More BRACtion News

We’ve chronicled the rather pathetic wish-upon-a-star nature of the ongoing Base Realignment and Closing (BRAC) action (I suppose we really..

Comedy Hour

The Fringe Left thinks they are so cute when they make videos talking about 37 scandals that have taken place..

This Hypocritical State

Radley Balko nails it: The workers who clean Baltimore’s Camden Yards baseball stadium are planning a hunger strike to protest..

The Sales Tax Increase

For all of his woofing about fairness in taxation, Governor O’Malley will be leading with a proposal to increase the..

A Failing Grade

Governor O’Malley says Maryland Schools Superintendant Nancy S. Grasmick needs to hit the road. Mr. O’Malley said he would like..

Hmmmm, Okay

Sometimes a politician says something that is very revealing about their true character. From today’s Washington Times on an interview..

The Right Not to Vote?

(Disclaimer: The following post deals partially in the realm of fantasy.) (Crossposted) The city of Annapolis has elections in off..

Just Another Payoff

The O’Malley administration is showing itself adept at making lemonade out of lemons. Taxes are going to be raised but..

There He Goes Again

Andrew Kujan is beaming about the Maryland Stadium Authority’s vote to increase the pay of day laborers who clean Camden..

More From the Venture Marxist Files

We’ve chronicled the adventures of Maryland’s own particular brand on entrepreneur, the venture marxist, beginning here. In a nutshell, venture..

Mass Transit Mania

Crossposted “Melissa” over at FSP takes Urbanite Magazine to task about their September cover story about mass transit in Baltimore...