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We’re not this lucky

David Kyle has this: It seems that Governor O’Malley had at Party caucus lunch today and announced to them all..

Duh Moment of the Year

It’s painfully obvious, but today’s Capital Editorial nailed it: Gov. Martin O’Malley is a Democrat and County Executive John Leopold..

Trans-Fat between the ears

The City of Los Angeles comes up with something that even Baltimore City and Montgomery County have managed not to..

More Smoke from O’Governor

Governor O’Malley is sniveling again. No surprise there. His mood seems to be one of high dudgeon whether he’s dealing..

Call For LInks

I’d like to expand our blog roll with quality center-right sites with a focus on Maryland politics. If you have..

The Examiner Gets It

From Thursday’s Baltimore Examiner editorial: According to the Maryland Department of Planning, Baltimore City lost 45,882jobs from 2000 to 2005...

Bad News for O’Governor

From the Examiner State revenues this year are projected to fall $132 million behind official estimates, worsening a budget picture..