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Don’t Even Try To Get Rich

Regarding the Governor’s proposed tax hikes, Isaac Smith over at FSP had this to say: (Crossposted) The essentially flat nature..

O’Malley’s Tax Parade

Maryland governor Martin O’Malley (D) is parading around the state talking about his plans to revamp Maryland’s tax code. With..

More Thought Police

Following up on Matt’s on point analysis. What does it say about the strength of their position that the PC..

Larry Summers & the Thought Police

Kathleen Parker talks about the thought police. The latest smack-down of former Harvard President Lawrence Summers should extinguish any remaining..

Water is Wet, Fire is Hot

Martin O’Malley can pander with the best of them. (hat tip to O’Malley Watch) The Washington Blade reports that all..

…and bull**** walks

So I’m betting that Luiz Simmons (D-someplace in Montgomery County) is lacing up his hiking boots. According to the Washington..


Cicero at Political Insider proposes a rather lackluster list of potential GOP running mates for 2008. Take a look at..

Sense from Stoltzfus

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the Sen. Lowell Stoltzfus wrote an op-ed in today’s Sun that’s probably..

Only Here…

Only in Maryland can a Governor martyr himself for proposing an income tax cut that will return $90 a year..

Fuzzy Tax Math

(Crossposted) As part of his rhetoric at the “kitchen table” unveiling of more details on new taxes, “Governor MOM” declared..

Random Thought

Isn’t it ironic that the initials of our nanny stater of a governor are MOM!