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This is My Point

Some of my fellow Republicans give me flack that I refer to the Leopold Administration being liberal and wasting taxpayer..

Basic Economics

Republican Delegate LeRoy Myers has taken on some tough issues in the past but over the weekend he penned an..

What is Democrat for Chutzpah?

Last month when former state senator Thomas Bromwell took a plea bargain and miraculously avoided having to testify on the..

The Apocalypse It Ain’t

We’ve written about the rather shameless and pathetic effort of the Maryland Association of Counties (here here) to shill for..

Ken Ulman: Scofflaw

Howard County Excutive Ken Ulman has employed an illegal immigrant as his house keeper for the past year and a..

AA GOP: Mike Collins Statement

As of early this morning (Crossposted): This past week, there have been several mass email blasts concerning StateGOP issues and..