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Beyond Ridiculous

Reports from our Super Secret Annapolis Bureau indicate that Don Dwyer was wearing a Hawaiian shirt during hearings at the..

Why slots won’t work

My esteemed RedMaryland colleague Streiff noted today that Governor O’Malley finally unleashed an expected piece of his budget-gap closing arsenal:..

Asleep at the Switch

It’s been three weeks since the Central Committee banded together to unceremoniously oust Chairman Mike Collins. One of their complaints..

Unconstitutionally Ours

This mysteriously was nowhere to be found in the Sun, but the O’Malley administration got cut off at the pass..

It’s Official

From the AP by way of the Frederick News Post: Governor Martin O’Malley will introduce a proposal to legal slots..

More Common Sense from The Examiner

Crossposted on The Main Adversary From today’s Baltimore Examiner editorial Unless the city wants to waste time patching more “loopholes,”..

Tearing Down the Façade

Crossposted on The Main Adversary Today’s Baltimore Sun features an LA Times op/ed by Richard Schickel biographer of Elia Kazan...

Another Trial Balloon Floated

Governor O’Malley is lofting another trial balloon. An inflation indexed gas tax. For politicians this has a big advantage. They..

Taking Issue

Crossposted on The Main Adversary Some responses to folks who just got it plain wrong. Isaac SmithLast week Smith threw..

Planning Effects

Usually we wind up complaining the government isn’t doing enough planning. So I suppose it would be hard to fault..

Crossposted on The Main Adversary The Indispensable One, Martin Watcher has done it again. Check out O’Malley Watch today for..

A Monkey Wrench in the Machine?

Crossposted on The Main Adversary Mayor Sheila Dixon’s former campaign manager and contractor for City Hall, Dale G. Clark plead..

Mark Your Calendars

I’ll be speaking to the Elephant Club on Thursday, October 11 at 7:30 am. I’ll be discussing blogging and some..