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The Friday Night Dump

(Crossposted) Interesting that this story appeared on a Friday night: A member of County Executive John R. Leopold’s Cabinet abruptly..

New Voice at the Washington Post

The Washington Post has given National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru a “forum” for political discussion. I’d encourage everyone to go over..

Don’t Call Us…

Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown visited the Prince George’s Hospital of the financially teetering Dimensions Healthcare System yesterday and brought cold..

Call Me a NIMBY

They’re moving father’s grave to build a sewer.They’re moving it regardless of expense!They’re shifting his remainsTo put in 9-inch drainsTo..

Welcome to the Fringe

The readers of Freestate Politics already know this, but a lot of others may not. This site is the fringe...

Calling Shennanigans

O’Malley Watch calls shennanigans on Governor O’Malley’s “working vacation” and his proposed tax increase targeting the successful and productive. He..

Three Simple Questions

Gregory Kane hits the nail on the head. The last MARC train from Washington to Baltimore wasn’t more than 15..

Battle Lines Are Drawn

According to the Washington Post, Governor O’Malley is organizing support for the primary campaign of Hillary Clinton. Maryland Gov. Martin..

Fool me twice, etc.

Ben Cardin was in my ‘hood, or at least close by it, on Tuesday to announce an infusion of federal..

Martin O’Malley and the KGB?

Lt. General Ion Mihai Pacepa (say that 10 times fast) the highest-ranking intelligence official ever to have defected from the..

Where Dreams Go to Die

Baltimore County seems on the verge of moving forward with the publicly funded redevelopment of the site of the former..