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The Beginning?

Comptroller Peter Franchot unleashed this criticism of the O’Malley tax plan this week: State Comptroller Peter Franchot criticized government leaders..

Great Minds Think Alike

Apparently, I’m not the only cat who digs the idea of table games: As Gov. Martin O’Malley makes a pitch..

Needless Government Regulation

On Monday night, the Annapolis City Council voted to increase taxi cab rates, which got me to thinkin’…….. Crossposted on..

Politics and The English Language

Washington Post Metro Columnist Marc Fisher takes O’Gov to task about the drastic difference between his rhetoric and his actions,..

A Dog’s Breakfast

Yesterday we commented briefly about O’Malley taking some few minutes to attempt to bamboozle seniors about how they are going..

The New MARC Plan

Unlike a lot of my colleagues I’m generally in favor of subsidized mass transit. We subsidize highway construction and airline..

A Good Point

From the Baltimore Sun: As Gov. Martin O’Malley makes a pitch for slot machine gambling as part of his attempt..

Bravo for Congressman Bartlett

My congressman, Roscoe Bartlett (MD-6), cast a courageous and righteous vote yesterday against the reauthorization of the SCHIP bill. He..

Republic of Fear?

This does not bear on Maryland politics rather it has to do with some of the twaddle that passes for..

More Hoodoo Economics

Just below I touched a bit on what I believe to be either rank dishonesty or the most outrageous case..