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Battle Lines Are Drawn

According to the Washington Post, Governor O’Malley is organizing support for the primary campaign of Hillary Clinton. Maryland Gov. Martin..

Fool me twice, etc.

Ben Cardin was in my ‘hood, or at least close by it, on Tuesday to announce an infusion of federal..

Martin O’Malley and the KGB?

Lt. General Ion Mihai Pacepa (say that 10 times fast) the highest-ranking intelligence official ever to have defected from the..

Where Dreams Go to Die

Baltimore County seems on the verge of moving forward with the publicly funded redevelopment of the site of the former..


Imagine a union pension plan being used as a piggy bank by a politically connected insider. Still my beating heart,..

Portable Problems

Just in case you forgot why mandatory all-day kindergarten was a bad idea….. Davidsonville Elementary School was rebuilt just six..

On Tribal Recognition

Piscataway Conoy Chief Natalie Proctor and her husband Maurice at last spring’s Pow-Wow. From the Bay Weekly I’d be among..

Local Boy Hits the Big Time

The FBI has raided the Potomac home of a former Department of Justice attorney in conjunction with an investigation into..

On Employing Felons

For some reason the hiring of felons has become an issue in the Baltimore mayoral race. In an act of..

BRACtion Shock

The Baltimore Sun reports that Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown is encouraging those jurisdictions seeking to belly up to the BRAC..

More on Wayne Gilchrest

Monoblogue has posted the lastest missive from Wayne Gilchrest about his feckless stance on the Long War. One is struck..

Baltimore County Charter

We wrote earlier about the efforts of two guys in Baltimore County to feed on two teats of the public..

Move Along, Nothing to See Here

This blog is about Maryland politics so I don’t give much notice, at this venue, to national happenings. Sometimes, though,..