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More Eyewash from O’Governor

Today’s Washington Post reveals that Governor O’Malley is not simply a taxaholic. He’s actually a very compassionate man who is..

Brokered Time

The New Republic (of all places) has an interesting piece about the prospects of a brokered GOP convention next year...

The Desperation of Wayne Gilchrest

Yesterday we commented on the miasma of desperation emanating from the Wayne Gilchrest campaign. Specifically, we mentioned State Senator Nancy..

Volunteers Needed?

To date, as far as I am aware of there are no Republican candidates for Congress in the 2nd, 3rd,..

Don’t Look Behind the Curtain

If you want to understand Maryland’s “structural deficit” you need look no further. Maryland health advocates and their allies in..

Sheila Dixon Wins

Okay, this is not a big surprise. According to the most recent returns she beat Keiffer Mitchell and the rest..

RedMarylander win!

At least we know one winner in tonight’s Baltimore City elections. Our RedMaryland colleague Mark Newgent is now the official..

Roadside Signs

(Crossposted) A crazy week of work and travel has caused a bit of a blog backlog for me, but I..

Submerging History: An Update

Crossposted I have received quite a bit of email regarding my post on Carroll County’s plan to appropriate a parcel..