Ken Ulman: Scofflaw

Howard County Excutive Ken Ulman has employed an illegal immigrant as his house keeper for the past year and a..

AA GOP:Dwyer Response

(Crossposted on Annapolis Politics) (Much ado (about something) has been made over the secretive proceedings to challenge and/or remove Mike..
An Island For Sale

An Island For Sale

I try not to get maudlin over vanishing bits of America, but sometimes it is hard. Smith Island is essentially..

BRACtion Nonsense

I’ve said on several occasions (like here and here) that the Dixon administration’s focus on BRAC is simply misguided if..

A Forseeable Consequence

There is an old saying in conservative circles that it doesn’t make sense to elect a fake Democrat when you..

The Friday Night Dump

(Crossposted) Interesting that this story appeared on a Friday night: A member of County Executive John R. Leopold’s Cabinet abruptly..

New Voice at the Washington Post

The Washington Post has given National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru a “forum” for political discussion. I’d encourage everyone to go over..