Piled High and Deep

Tom Schaller proved once again in this morning’s Sun that just because you have a PhD in Political Science doesn’t..

And out come the wolves…

Grab on to your wallet, because here comes Team O’Malley to stick it to everybody: Now Gov. Martin O’Malley’s administration..

… they love me not…

The crisis of confidence (here | here) in Baltimore Fire Chief William J. Goodwin is coming to a head on..

Crime In Annapolis

On my blog I have been following the crime situation/debate in Annapolis. Basically, the situation is this: -Annapolis has always..
Misguided Protest

Misguided Protest

And they wonder why we don’t take them seriously. “Them”, of course, being the very, very, very earnest and self-righteous..

Closing the Barn Door

Now that his cronies have been paid off, Governor O’Malley is proposing to regularize the process by which the state..
Bringing Home the Bacon

Bringing Home the Bacon

Ashley Byrne, 29, right, and Shawn Herbold, 24, of the anti-people group PETA show why they failed Marketing 101 as..
Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking

My colleague Mark Newgent writes below about the damning report issued on the Baltimore Fire Department’s training academy and the..

From the Union Thuggery Files

The long simmering dispute between the full-time unionized firefighters and paramedics in Prince George’s County and the long standing volunteer..

MD-6 Republican Primary

Another Republican has entered the primary in hopes of unseating seven term incumbent Roscoe Bartlett (MD-6). Already in the race..

Blue Smoke and Mirrors

I appreciate political fantasy as much as the next guy but is appears that Keiffer Mitchell, the white candidate in..

Deadly Neglect

Admittedly I have become numb to the sheer incompetence of some Baltimore City government agencies that it the latest screw-up..

Politico ad absurdum

Our friend Kenny Burns over at Maryland Politics Today, who is noticeably black and is a Republican, keeps having his..

Hope Is Not A Method

There are a couple of stories today that work well together especially if you are interested in how liberals operate..

The Ocean City Boondoggle

O’Malley Watch has a priceless review of the Maryland Association of Counties boondoggle over the weekend in Ocean City. Imagine..