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Continuing indoctrination

As a registered architect here in Maryland and member of the American Institute of Architects, one thing I have to..

Taking NTU’s bait

Since a lady named Kristina Rasmussen was nice enough to share this with me, I’ll bite. Yesterday the National Taxpayers’..

Multicultural mumbo-jumbo

With all of the major legislation being passed this evening and late into the night by the Maryland General Assembly,..

Sine die at last

Tomorrow evening at midnight the end of 90 days of peril to our basic freedoms comes to an end. There..

Extension of remarks

After my lunchtime post, I had some additional reaction from reader J.M., discussing in more detail Delaware vs. Maryland energy..

Nice timing

On Friday I wrote about HB608, or as Delegate Eckardt called it, the “light bulb bill.” As I mentioned I..

My radio rant

Since not all of you had the opportunity to tune in… I hope you who listened had as much fun..

Welcome to Economics 101

Say what you will about the Maryland GOP, whoever does their press releases has had flying fingers lately. Of course,..

Isn’t one bill enough?

In last fall’s special session, one thing that was pretty much passed in the dead of night was the infamous..