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It’s my money!

On my recent post, Time for refutations, we’ve gotten into quite the discussion about where our tax dollars go, centering..

Lines of succession, part 2

Yesterday I speculated about some of the possible scenarios across the Mason-Dixon Line from me in Delaware should Sen. Joe..

Word parsing exercise

While I was working our GOP booth at the Wicomico Farm and Home Show, things were a little slow. Friday..

In defense of oil companies

Yesterday’s post “Overtime inside the Beltway” brought two comments from my fellow blogger ShoreThings. As for the first comment, I..
Obamaites offended

Obamaites offended

When word got around about a magazine cover depicting Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama in Islamic garb and his wife..

A time to be accountable

Because I’m sitting at work, I can’t crosspost the article – however, I just put something up over on my..

Active in 50…or is it 57?

I still haven’t figured out where those extra seven states that Barack Obama has claimed to visit are (perhaps he’s..

Are WE up to the challenge?

You know, that Obama camp really is pretty confident that our nation truly wants to lurch toward socialism. Here’s another..

Temporary reprieve?

I guess the panic in an e-mail alert I received the other day wasn’t quite justified. I edited this a..

Obamanation in yer face

I think the folks behind Barack Obama are beginning to believe all that conventional wisdom that says their guy is..

Some guidance from Frank

The Frank in question is Democratic Congressional aspirant Frank Kratovil, and this morning he did a short telephone interview with..

They claim it’s Orwellian…

In a continuing postmortem to the recent General Assembly session, I received a tagteam effort from Delegates Anothony O’Donnell and..

Clearing the slate

Before I even begin, let me say right up front in the interest of full disclosure that I’m running to..