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2009: A clarion call

New Year’s Day is always a day of optimism as the old is swept aside and the new looked forward..

The rest of Hoyer

As I promised on Tuesday, I have a little more to say about the National Press Club speech by House..

‘Macaca’ part two?

To put it bluntly, last night’s debate was a snoozer. After smacking my forehead in disbelief a couple times on..

A proper stand

I know we have a major national election in 29 days; however, right on its heels will come the 90..
Fact checking ‘Record’

Fact checking ‘Record’

Yesterday the Frank Kratovil for Congress campaign decided to go negative, just as I figured they did it first. Here’s..

Reinventing the brand?

On Friday, during a fundraiser with former Presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney, State Senator and Congressional hopeful Andy Harris announced..
Labor Day leftovers

Labor Day leftovers

It’s going to be a busy day for the purveyor of monoblogue (not to mention the question of how much..