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Deny, Divert, Deceive Part Deux

The progressives over at Free State Politics are at it again. Red Maryland’s founding father has accurately dubbed it twittery.This..

Deadly Neglect

Admittedly I have become numb to the sheer incompetence of some Baltimore City government agencies that it the latest screw-up..

The Forgotten Man

I am on vacation with the family this week in the Outer Banks, for beach reading I brought Amity Shlaes,..

Charm City Bloodsport

Despite having no electoral prospects, the one fun thing about being a Republican in Baltimore City is sitting back to..

Hammer and Drivel

Cross posted Socialists are living breathing arguments against themselves and their ideology. A case in point is Baltimore City Mayoral..

Gilchrest the Democrat

More from the “Republican” who said: “And I want to tell you that Nancy Pelosi has been very open to..