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More Thought Police

Following up on Matt’s on point analysis. What does it say about the strength of their position that the PC..

Random Thought

Isn’t it ironic that the initials of our nanny stater of a governor are MOM!
DC Representation

DC Representation

crossposted Hat tip to John Miller at The Corner. Nathaniel Ward at the Heritage Foundation wrote a thorough overview of..

The “Aberrant Strain”

Crossposted Governor O’Malley went public with part of his new tax plan to close the now $1.7 billion structural deficit...

Scoundrel Time

Crossposted Andrew Kujan is moving beyond Maureen Dowd territory and steadily approaching Lillian Hellman status. Writer Mary McCarthy once said..

The Examiner Gets It

From Thursday’s Baltimore Examiner editorial: According to the Maryland Department of Planning, Baltimore City lost 45,882jobs from 2000 to 2005...

Hate Crime at Maryland

Crossposted Word has undoubtedly spread about the apparent hate crime at the University of Maryland. Someone hung of a noose–an..

There He Goes Again

Andrew Kujan is beaming about the Maryland Stadium Authority’s vote to increase the pay of day laborers who clean Camden..

Mass Transit Mania

Crossposted “Melissa” over at FSP takes Urbanite Magazine to task about their September cover story about mass transit in Baltimore...

Adrian Fenty’s Pickle

Crossposted DC Mayor Adrian Fenty is under criticism for sending his two children to private school, while simultaneously staking his..

Submerging History

Crossposted Anyone who knows the slightest bit of history knows that Carroll County is home to Whitaker Chambers’ farm, where..

Who Funds Who?

You may remember one of our favorite progressives, Andrew Kujan, cast a nonsensical aspersion towards our “insane brand of conservatism”..

Don’t Know Much About History

Crossposted FSP’s eminent historian Issac Smith took umbrage with my post last week concerning the Left’s ostrich act concerning the..