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More GW

Following up on Rob’s post below, it looks like GW’s administration is going after the innocent student group in this..

Shallow Waters

When a veteran of the short bus writes appreciatively of your work, it doesn’t say much for your scholarship. Then..

A Blast from the Past

Today, O’Malley Watch has breaking news on more campaign finance violations by the O’Malley crew. Martin Watcher notes that the..


crossposted on The Main Adversary Polish film maker Andrjez Wajda has a new film out about the Katyn Forest Massacre..

One Maryland=Utopian Claptrap

From the opening paragraph of Saturday’s Baltimore Sun’s article on O’Malley’s challenge to implement his budget plan: When Gov. Martin..

Don’t You Know Who I Am!

Hollywood movie producer and Dundalk native James G. Robinson was so angry at Bob Ehrlich, he thought he could donate..

Green is the New Red

Crossposted on The Main Adversary There are a few areas where Greens and conservatives meet in agreement. Strong criticism of..

Morgan State GOP Debate

I attended the All American Presidential Forum for the GOP candidates at Morgan State last night. It is too long..

Republic of Fear?

This does not bear on Maryland politics rather it has to do with some of the twaddle that passes for..

Tearing Down the Façade

Crossposted on The Main Adversary Today’s Baltimore Sun features an LA Times op/ed by Richard Schickel biographer of Elia Kazan...

Taking Issue

Crossposted on The Main Adversary Some responses to folks who just got it plain wrong. Isaac SmithLast week Smith threw..

Crossposted on The Main Adversary The Indispensable One, Martin Watcher has done it again. Check out O’Malley Watch today for..