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About What I Expected

About What I Expected

Yes it was an ass kicking. But one I was fully prepared for. I campaigned on lowering the property tax..
Belly of the Beast

Belly of the Beast

Thank you Bud and to all my Red Maryland colleagues for their support during the campaign. I would like to..

Very Cosmopolitan

As some of you know I’m running for a seat on the Baltimore City Council. My district is full of..

Moscow on the Chesapeake

Like the NKVD with a photo of an expendable politburo member the Maryland Democratic party is attempting to airbrush out..

Anti-Tax Rally Recap

My apologies for the the late post on this, but I had work and family obligations for Halloween. The anti-tax..
Anti-Tax Rally pics

Anti-Tax Rally pics

I spent the day in Annapolis yesterday and even had a chance to address the crowd at the rally. I’ll..

Anti-Tax Rally

Just a reminder (the first of many) about the anti-tax rally Monday Oct. 29 at Lawyers Mall in Annapolis. The..

What’s The Matter With MoCo?

Remember New York Times reporter Thomas Frank’s book What’s The Matter with Kansas? Frank stated that middle class Kansans were..

Lichtman Update

One thing I did not mention in my previous post, was that I tried to speak with Allan Lichtman when..

The “Cost of Delay”

Earlier this morning O’Gov released his “Cost of Delay” budget for FY 2009. This doomsday budget “analysis” is nothing more..

O’Malley Watch Radio

Tonight, I have the distinct pleasure of representing O’Malley Watch on WAMD 970 in Aberdeen. Tune in around 7:20pm if..

Making My Point for Me

Yesterday, I noted James Ceasar’s Weekly Standard essay The Stupid Party. Briefly, Ceasar’s argument is that the contemporary left is..


Two quick hits. O’Gov’s tortured us of the word “consensus” is so bad that the word has lost all meaning...