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More Sunspeak

On Friday I talked about Sun reporter Bradley Olson’s dishonest use of language. It appears that his colleague Andrew Green..

MILQUETOAST’s definition of Milquetoast: a very timid, unassertive, spineless person, esp. one who is easily dominated or intimidated. See picture..


“The governor pleaded for their support” That is how Sun reporter Bradley Olson described the arm twisting O’Malley and Mike..

More Drama

House Majority Leader Kumar Barve is claiming that they now have 85 votes to pass the constitutional slots amendment. From..
No Confidence Petition

No Confidence Petition

Please take a moment to sign a Petition of No Confidence in Governor O’Malley and the Democrat Legislators. To receive..

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

More proof that the self-described reality-based community is increasingly disassociating itself from it. Read for yourself, it is so laughable..

Curt “Floppy” Anderson

I have a new nickname for Baltimore City Delegate Curt Anderson: Floppy. Anderson repeatedly questioned the need for a special..

Ocean Downs

It will be interesting to see if the slots committee keeps the governor’s proposed slots parlor at Ocean Downs. Delegate..

Kevin Clark Sues O’Malley

Former Baltimore City Police Commissioner Kevin Clark has filed suit in federal court, fighting his firing three years ago. Governor..

Goodwin’s Gone

Baltimore City Fire Chief William Goodwin tendered his resignation to Mayor Sheila Dixon late yesterday. After early praise for his..
A Song for the Unscrupulous

A Song for the Unscrupulous

While we are on the subject of anthems. I have one for the aforementioned Senators Zirkin, Kramer, Astle, DeGrange, and..

Mental Giant Brian Frosh

Listen to mental giant Brian Frosh debate Jim Brochin on the tax bill. I use the word “debate” lightly with..

Senate Passes Tax Scheme

Robert Lang just reported on WBAL that the tax bill passed the Senate 24-23. UPDATE: has the details on..