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What Was McCarthyism

McCarthyism has been and will always be a provocative topic in American life. The opening of Soviet archives containing CPUSA..

Pravda on Calvert Street

That the Baltimore Sun is a bull horn for the O’Malley political machine is no secret. However, as the governor..
Christmas Gift Idea

Christmas Gift Idea

Cafe Press has some great gift ideas this year for the liberty loving Marylanders in your family. Don’t spend all..

Help Goldman Sachs: Go Green

Quite often, well more like always, liberal media outlets portray the defeat of green policy prescriptions as victories of greedy,..

“What We Accomplished”

This is the banner on the governor’s office website. One of the listed “accomplishments” is Cut spending by $550 million..

And so it begins…

The Great Global Warming Swindle comes to Maryland. The Maryland Climate Change Commission, which is run by an avowed alarmist..

A Big Whiff

What is that breeze you feel? It is Delegate James King striking out in his lame attempt to smear bloggers..

The Future of Conservatism

One of the pleasure’s of blogging are the new folks you meet. One of those is Professor Donald Douglas. Professor..

Get Real

“One of the biggest unfunded mandates that’s ever existed.”Is this a Republican criticism of the Thornton education plan? No those..
Sean Taylor, RIP

Sean Taylor, RIP

I know this has nothing to to with Maryland politics, but I hope you will indulge me on this. I..

Upcoming Events

Still angry about the Special Session and increased taxes. Well here are a few opportunities to get involved and take..

More Bumper Stickers

Eric Luedtke’s Winners and Losers special session “analysis” offers yet another example of the left’s bumper sticker mentality. Republicans: Their..