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Forgetting Something

Isaac Smith thinks O’Malley’s energy plan looks pretty good. Key to this is something the Sun article only gets into..
Flood of BS

Flood of BS

The Alliance for Global Warming Solutions is holding a rally in Annapolis on January 17 to urge the General Assembly..

Lesson from the GOP Lawsuit

I was initially skeptical of the GOP lawsuit seeking to invalidate the tax increases and slots referendum. I was wary..

Pawn of the Republicans

Hat tip to Ken Shepherd at Newsbusters Ken notes the revealing fact that today’s Sun piece by Liz Bowie does..

Time to Finish the Job

Senator Nancy Jacobs and Delegate Joe Minnick have filed bills that, if enacted would eliminate diminution credits for child sex..
In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell

Thanks to Vote No’Malley for more great satire. Red is for the sales tax, blue for the income tax, yellow..

Tammy Faye Currie

Back in November my Red Maryland colleague strieff noted the self-beclowning of state senator Ulysses Currie when he said, “Lobbyists..

Egg on the Face at Johns Hopkins

Ideological bias, funding from George Soros, flawed methodology, and possible scientific fraud. Sounds like the calling cards of global warming..

A Dim “Light for All”

Following up on Kenny’s post below, he is right to flay the Baltimore Sun for its blatantly hypocritical and vacuous..
Make Mine Mitt

Make Mine Mitt

Considering I am a declared candidate for delegate to the GOP Convention in Minneapolis this summer, its high time I..


The long awaited development of the historic Rotunda in my Hampden/Wyman Park neighborhood is set to begin this spring. Construction..