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OJ Finally Going To Prison

OJ Finally Going To Prison

Bar none, today will forever be remembered as a good day for jurisprudence. This afternoon, Nevada Judge Jackie Glass sentenced..

Minnesota Recount Update

The Minneapolis Star Tribune is keeping a real time update on the recount between Democrat Al Franken and Republican Norm..

Next Man Up?

With the 2008 Presidential election behind us, it’s now time to focus on 2010. For those that say it’s way..
John McCain-Endorsement

John McCain-Endorsement

Folks, I am going to be honest. I really struggled over which candidate I would support in the 2008 presidential..
ICC or a New Bay Bridge?

ICC or a New Bay Bridge?

For years, the bickering has gone back and forth over the construction of a so-called inter-county connector to help ease..

Supreme Outrage

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court foolishly ruled that the death penalty cannot be used for child molesters. Hiding behind the..

Maryland, Take Note

A Coral Gables Florida mother saved her daughter from potential harm earlier this month after she flashed her 9mm handgun..

Concealed Carry In Maryland

For years, the state of Maryland has avoided a trend that many states have openly embraced. Why doesn’t Maryland allow..