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Cardin Apologizes. So What?

Jon Cardin, Delegate from Baltimore County, has apologized for a massive abuse of Baltimore City police resources in using the..

Free Speech is Messy

One of our stalwart leaders here at Red Maryland has a new post bemoaning “slack ass blogging”, and how it..

The Porcari Principle

Are you familiar with the Peter Principle, the certain people rise to their own level of incompetence? Well, in Maryland..

Gambling the Future

The battle now begins for the November ballot measure that would amend the Maryland constitution to allow slot machine gambling..

Who Would Have Thought?

Who would have thought that I would ever find common ground with the NAACP? There is an outstanding editorial in..

We Are Stasi

We are Stasi. If you don’t remember the good old days of the Cold War, you might not recognize the..

The Biggest Losers

Now that the week of the much-heralded Potomac Primary/Chesapeake Primary/Crabcake Primary is over, I think it is a great time..