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All posts by Brian Griffiths

Asleep at the Switch

It’s been three weeks since the Central Committee banded together to unceremoniously oust Chairman Mike Collins. One of their complaints..

Planning Effects

Usually we wind up complaining the government isn’t doing enough planning. So I suppose it would be hard to fault..


Cicero at Political Insider proposes a rather lackluster list of potential GOP running mates for 2008. Take a look at..

Only Here…

Only in Maryland can a Governor martyr himself for proposing an income tax cut that will return $90 a year..

Duh Moment of the Year

It’s painfully obvious, but today’s Capital Editorial nailed it: Gov. Martin O’Malley is a Democrat and County Executive John Leopold..

Even the Sun…

John Leopold has always been a darling with the Sun, because he is a registered Republican who talks, acts, and..