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Entitlement Mentality

I was listening to a talk radio show today, and heard the following conversation, which has been paraphrased for the..

To Quit or Not to Quit

Crossposted on Annapolis Politics Despite announcing his intention to resign some weeks ago, Annapolis Ward 2 Alderman Mike Christman (R)..
Interesting Tax Chart

Interesting Tax Chart

I came across this chart while patrolling my normal rotation of economics blogs today: (I know it’s hard to read–if..

Aldermen Pay

In 2005, the city of Annapolis held elections for aldermen in each of its 8 wards. Since then, 3 aldermen..

Property Taxes

The city’s main way to get money from you and me is property taxes, and there are 2 things that..

Don’t Even Try To Get Rich

Regarding the Governor’s proposed tax hikes, Isaac Smith over at FSP had this to say: (Crossposted) The essentially flat nature..

Fuzzy Tax Math

(Crossposted) As part of his rhetoric at the “kitchen table” unveiling of more details on new taxes, “Governor MOM” declared..

Roadside Signs

(Crossposted) A crazy week of work and travel has caused a bit of a blog backlog for me, but I..

The Right Not to Vote?

(Disclaimer: The following post deals partially in the realm of fantasy.) (Crossposted) The city of Annapolis has elections in off..

My Take on the RSCCAAC

(Crossposted) Last night the Anne Arundel County Republican Central Committee has its first meeting since it became known that there..

Annapolis Crime

As an Annapolis resident who has paid attention to the recent crime debate, I would like to supplement the post..