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It starts tomorrow

Annapolis’ long-awaited version of budgetary Armageddon comes to town tomorrow. And let’s face it: other than the fact that taxpayers..

Anti-Tax Rally

Just a reminder (the first of many) about the anti-tax rally Monday Oct. 29 at Lawyers Mall in Annapolis. The..

Unintended Consequences

Because health care is so much in the news, what with Governor O’Malley’s $500 million-$675 million-some other really big number..

Lichtman Update

One thing I did not mention in my previous post, was that I tried to speak with Allan Lichtman when..

My Brain Hurts

I’d resolved yesterday to not waste anymore time writing about Governor O’Malley’s risky scheme, to coin a phrase, to add..

So how is this news?

The Baltimore Sun reports a “news” story that Governor O’Malley is proposing a new $500 million Medicare add-on in the..

One of them is wrong

State Comptroller Peter Franchot: Dear President Miller and Speaker Busch: As you know, Governor O’Malley has signed an Executive Order..