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Go Team! Go Team!

We’re all pretty used to the Baltimore Sun cheerleading for Democrats on their news as well as editorial pages. This..

The Scream Team

Here’s a picture from today’s Sun that only those who accept failure and disappointment could love…. Left to right that’s..

The Missing Words

This morning’s Sun headline is almost good: Cutting deficit with smoke. Problem is, the headline writer forgot to say “and..

The Testing Dilemma

Gregory Kane writes today on the dilemma facing state school superintendent Nancy Grasmick over testing. Grasmick’s taking heat for proposing..

More BRACtion News

We’ve chronicled the rather pathetic wish-upon-a-star nature of the ongoing Base Realignment and Closing (BRAC) action (I suppose we really..

Comedy Hour

The Fringe Left thinks they are so cute when they make videos talking about 37 scandals that have taken place..

This Hypocritical State

Radley Balko nails it: The workers who clean Baltimore’s Camden Yards baseball stadium are planning a hunger strike to protest..