Thank You

We here at Red Maryland wanted to make sure that we share our thanks with you as we sign off for good.

First and foremost, we give thanks to God for allowing us to do this as long as we have been doing this.

We give tremendous thanks to YOU, the Red Maryland reader and listener. To everybody who has subscribed to our newsletter, everybody who has listened to a podcast, everybody who has read, everybody who liked us on social media, everybody who shared our stories or our shows the last 13 years, all of our patrons and anybody who purchased a ticket to the Red Maryland Leadership Conference; we could have never done any of this without your support.

We give great thanks to Streiff. He may have moved his focus to RedState, but it was his original idea to bring everybody together way back in the summer of 2007.

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We give great thanks to Mark Newgent, our longtime friend, founder, and co-editor. While Mark moved on in late 2014 to various positions in the Hogan Administration, his influence on Red Maryland and our success are undeniable. His old articles remain of great historic value and continue to be relevant to things going on in Maryland today.

If Streiff, Brian, Greg, and Mark were Red Maryland’s Four Horsemen, Andrew Langer was the unofficial fifth horseman. While his writing was limited, he was an invaluable contributor as both co-host of The Broadside and on our special convention podcasts. He and Jerry Rogers, who we met through Andrew, continued to be supportive of Red Maryland as hosts on WBAL and continued to share our work and provide us a forum to the very end.

Duane Keenan was the first journalist associated with a straight blog credentialed as a State House journalist. His Red Maryland News Hour was one of the most important podcasts in the state, the only one producing straight news with no opinion. His voice and his coverage have been sorely missed at the State House and on the trail since his well-deserved retirement, and it speaks volumes that no one either at Red Maryland or anywhere else has been able to replace him.

There would be no Duane show or any other Red Maryland podcast without Warren Monks. It was Warren who first put Red Maryland on the air in the summer of 2008, when he basically turned “The Dinosaur in the Cornfield” WAMD in Aberdeen over to us for a few hours a week. Without Warren, there is no Red Maryland Radio and Red Maryland podcast.

We have had a number of other media personalities who have given Red Maryland a forum over the years. The late Ron Smith was the first, bringing on Mark Newgent often as a guest before Smith’s passing. Mike Bradley has dedicated an entire branded Red Maryland segment on his WGMD morning show for years. Len Lazerick gave Maryland non-partisan online-based news coverage starting in 2009. Red Maryland was often referenced in their stories and in their daily roundup. Marc Steiner often had us as guests in his WEAA show, notwithstanding his ideological differences. Heather Hunter has frequently booked Red Maryland as subject matter experts on Maryland politics over the years.

When Governor Larry Hogan was only a businessman, he gave Red Maryland tremendous access to his Change Maryland campaign and to his plan to win in the 2014 election. And win he did. He and his campaign team over the years continued to keep us in the loop and shared our stories and podcasts. Even though we have occasionally disagreed with the Governor over the years (as expected), we were happy to be a small part of his 2014 and 2018 victories.

Our relationship with the Maryland Republican Party has occasionally been tumultuous over the years. But we often received access to what was going on, a table at state party conventions for podcasting, and sharing of our stories and podcasts. Thanks to a slew of people who helped make that happen over the years, among them Justin Ready, Diana Waterman, Joe Cluster, Dirk Haire, Patrick O’Keefe, and Corine Frank.

Many elected officials have been friendly to Red Maryland over the years and provided us with their insight, their thoughts, and their support. An incomplete list of elected officials who supported us include Tony O’Donnell, Justin Ready, Michael Hough, J.B. Jennings, Steve Hershey, Nic Kipke, Kathy Szeliga, Tony McConkey, Allan Kittleman, and Steve Schuh.

And finally, a thank you to everybody who has ever contributed a story or post to Red Maryland.  You would be surprised how many people over the years contributed a post or podcast to our network. Some of them were here for a long time, and some were here for a short time. Some we remain tight with, and some we had a falling out with. But all of them contributed in some way to what we have done here.

A comprehensive list of Red Maryland contributors of the years:

  • Andi Morony
  • Andrew Langer
  • Ann Miller
  • Brian Gill
  • Brian Griffiths
  • Bud The Blogger
  • Charlene Cowan
  • Chester Peake
  • Craig Wolf
  • David Plymyer
  • D.C. Russell
  • Dennis McIver
  • J. Doug Gill
  • Duane Keenan
  • Ellen Sauerbrey
  • Eludius
  • Ethan Grayson
  • G.A. Harrison
  • Greg Kline
  • Gunpowder Chronicle
  • Herb McMillan
  • Jamie Falcon
  • Jeff Horsley
  • Jeff Quinton
  • J.P.
  • Jennifer Baker
  • Jerry Rogers
  • Jim Braswell
  • John Lilyea
  • Jackie Wellfonder
  • John Brodigan
  • John Morony
  • Jonathan Turcotte
  • June Smith
  • Last Reporter
  • Lee Havis
  • Lorraine Yuriar
  • Marc King
  • Mark Fisher
  • Mark Newgent
  • Mark Uncapher
  • Martin Watcher
  • Matt Newman
  • Melanie Harris
  • Michael Hill
  • Michael Smigiel
  • Michael Stewart
  • Michael Swartz
  • Neil Stevens
  • Noah Diekemper
  • P. Kenneth Burns
  • Dr. Richard Vatz
  • R.J. Caster
  • Rob Carson
  • Robert Windley
  • Ross Marchand
  • Rory McShane
  • Sam Bocetta
  • Streiff
  • Tanzi Strafford
  • Todd Lamb

Greg will still be doing his segment on WGMD, with a new name, Thursdays at 7:50 AM. You of course can follow him on Twitter and hire him when you need a lawyer.

Brian will still be writing his column at the Capital and his new media venture The Duckpin will launch Monday, June 8th. You can follow his personal account on Twitter, and you can follow The Duckpin on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Thank you all. We’ll see you around.

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